Y 2/1 W – Mrs Weretelnikow



Mrs weretelnikow

Our topic this term is:

‘Fighting Fit’

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This half term our topic will be ‘Fighting Fit’. As historians we will be learning about historical events such as the plague. We will also learn about people in the past who helped change things such as Florence Nightingale.

As designers we will be designing our very own fruit salads. We will also be learning and using different skills to help prepare them such as cutting and peeling.

As artists we will be looking at the work of other artists such as Archimboldo and Cezanne and creating our own versions using our imagination. As Scientists we will be performing fair tests and predicting what will happen. We will also be learning about how to eat well and exercise to keep us healthy.


What fruit and vegetables do you eat?


As writers this half term we will be:

Writing our own versions of a story.

 Writing captions.

Writing poems and riddles.

As mathematicians we will be:

Counting forwards and backwards from different numbers.

Counting in steps of 2, 5, 10 and 3 forwards and backwards.

Recognising the place value of different numbers.

Comparing numbers using < > and =

Adding and subtracting numbers.


Phase 3 Games - Obb and Bobb Help Obb and Bob find the ‘real’ words and ‘alien’ words.

Phase 3 Letters and Sounds Games - Buried Treasure Can you help the pirate find the treasure?

Come and look at our gallery!!

What can you do at home?

Eric the elephant

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