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Mrs weretelnikow

Our topic this term is:


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This half term our topic will be ‘Explorers’. As Designers we will be learning about different joining methods to create our own explorers vehicle. We will have to think about how our vehicle will move.

As scientists we will be learning about the importance of hand washing. We will be doing science investigations to show why it is important. We will also be learning about sea creatures and their structures and food chains. 

As geographers we will be learning about the seven continents and five oceans that people have explored. We will be looking at maps to identify where they are. We will also be learning about a contrasting non-European country.


We have got a visit from the hand washing experts to show us how to properly wash our hands, on the 17th January. You are able to come for a handwashing drop-in with your child between 3pm and 4pm on the same day.


Can you write a thank you letter to Santa?


As writers this half term we will be:

Writing instructions using imperative verbs and time connectives.

Writing Deep Sea Explorer diaries.


As mathematicians we will be:


Identifying the denominations of different coins and notes.

Making different money amounts using coins.

Solving problems involving money including giving change.

Describing position, direction and movement, including whole, half, quarter and three quarter turns.


Phase 3 Games - Obb and Bobb Help Obb and Bob find the ‘real’ words and ‘alien’ words.

Phase 3 Letters and Sounds Games - Buried Treasure Can you help the pirate find the treasure?

Come and look at our gallery!!

What can you do at home?

Eric the elephant

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