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Mrs weretelnikow

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Our topic this term is:

‘Bits and Pizza’
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This half term our topic will be ‘Bits and Pizza’. As historians we will be learning about historical events that occurred in Italy. We will also be looking at the historical buildings in Italy and learning about their importance.

As designers we will be designing our very own pizzas. We will also be making and trying a pizza. We will use our knowledge about different materials to design a gladiator shield. When making it we will think about the joining methods we have used.

As geographers we will be locating Italy on a map and finding out what continent it is in. We will be comparing Italy to our country and learning about its famous buildings. We will also be making and trying foods from Italy.

This half term is very exciting so aswell as all of this we will have Sports Day, transitions to our new classes, Y2 leavers assembly and Y2 Prom.


What do you already know about Italy?


As writers this half term we will be:

Writing instructions for the different things that we make.

Writing a non-fiction text about Italy.

Writing our own gladiator stories.

As mathematicians we will be:

Collecting information about the weather such as the temperature, rain level and wind direction.

Telling the time to the hour, half past, quarter past, quarter to and 5 minute intervals.

Solving shape, pattern and fraction problems.


Phase 3 Games - Obb and Bobb Help Obb and Bob find the ‘real’ words and ‘alien’ words.

Phase 3 Letters and Sounds Games - Buried Treasure Can you help the pirate find the treasure?

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What can you do at home?

Eric the elephant

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