Foundation Stage

Welcome to our Foundation Unit page

Messy Week

Friday  – Ice cream and MUD!!

We made ice creams, we decorated them and then we ate them!

In the afternoon we made mud and played in it. We had lots of fun!!!

Thursday – Bubbles

We made lots of bubbles using different things.

Wednesday – Water fight and Sports day 2

We had lots of fun with water today. We got very wet and had lots of fun.

Sports day 2

Tuesday – Sports and Paint

We had our sports day today because it was a nice day!

We also had an ice pop. They were lovely to cool us down.

We also used lots of paint. We painted with our hands and feet, as well as using different brushes.

Monday – Water Day

We had lots of fun pretending to be firefighters.  We dressed up, we used hoses and put out fires. We experimented with different water toys and got very wet!

Den Building Day FUN!

Thank you all for the donations towards ‘Save the Children’ and providing den building materials. We have had lots of fun and learnt new skills!

FS1 Visit to Rother Valley

It was a very hot and sunny day but we had lots of fun!

We did pond dipping…

We went on a mini beast hunt…

We had a train ride…

We fed the ducks…

We went on a nature hunt and collected special things…

We played in Adventure Valley playground…

and we had lots of FUN!

FS2 Visit to the Tropical Butterfly House

Look at all the animals we saw…

We sat really nicely to listen to the mini beast talk.

We enjoyed the drums and having our picture taken altogether. 

We were tired on our way home!

Look at what we did…

Easter bonnet parade

The Easter bonnets we made at home were beautiful and creative…well done everybody!

Joey won the Easter bonnet parade in the morning…


In the afternoon Joey and Phoebe won the Easter bonnet parade…


Phoebe and Miss Judson helped stand up the ears on Joey’s Easter bonnet rabbit (whilst Joey tried to get into his chocolate egg!)

Scarlett and Ellie found the special egg during the Easter egg hunt and won a chocolate egg as the prize!

Easter baking

We made chocolate cornflake buns with mini eggs on top!

First we put the bun cases on a tray…

Then we broke up the chocolate into small pieces and melted it in the microwave…

Then we added cornflakes to the melted chocolate…

And we mixed it really well until all the cornflakes were coated in the chocolate…

Then we spooned the mixture into the bun cases…

We finished the buns by putting a mini egg on top…


Yum, yum, yum!

Police visit

On Monday afternoon we had a visit from a police officer…

He told us that in an emergency if we need an ambulance, a fire engine or a police officer we should ring 999.

He showed us his police hat…and some of us tried it on! (PC Finley looks VERY serious!)

We also got chance to look at a police baton and police handcuffs. (Murphy tested how strong the handcuffs were by pulling on them with all his might…they were VERY strong!)

PC Matt also showed us his police jacket which he let us try on. (hello hello hello PC George and PC Rory…what do we have here then?)

We even had a shout out from another police officer on PC Matt’s police radio! (We radioed back with a LOUD hello!)

Then we went outside to have a look at the police car. We saw the flashing lights and heard the sirens! (Some of use chose to cover our ears so it didn’t make us jump!)

We were even allowed to sit inside the police car. Some of us sat in the front and some of us sat in the back! (If we were sat in the front we had to be VERY careful and make sure we did not press any of the buttons!)

Our wooden spoon book characters. Who can you see?

Bikeability at the sports centre

Book Week Day 4 – Book Swap

Book Week Day 3 – Teacher Swap

Book Week Day 2 – Everybody reading at the same time

Our next topic is called Heroes!

We will be learning all about superheroes and other heroes.

Also this term is World Book Day and Red Nose Day.

We have got lots of fun to look forward to!!

We  had lots of fun learning all about celebrations.

Look at what we have been doing …..

Key Strings

We enjoyed our visit from Key strings.


 Sunny Bear