Macmillan Coffee Afternoon

The start of Messy week!!!

International Mud Day!


We used teamwork and thinking skills at the maths problem solving workshop this week. It was lots of fun!





Woodland Wednesday!






Walking to Killamarsh Memorial to Show Our Respect and to Lay a Poppy.




Sports Day disappointment turns into fun and games for Reception!

First we had a disco. Then we played with water and everyone got wet! Then we used the big apparatus and climbed! Mrs Hall is exhausted but very happy after such a lovely day. xx

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Science Week

We have had Science Week in school. All children are natural Scientists. When they play and explore they are using their senses, make observations and link ideas together. During Science Week the children were engaged in a variety of Scientific activities . Here are a few pictures.


Messy day 2! Paint

Dinosaurs Visit Killamarsh

Killamarsh Infant and Nursery School – Community Nativity Painting

The Children in Reception have helped paint the Nativity figures for the Christmas Community Project.

The Children in Reception have helped paint the Nativity figures for the Christmas Community Project.

Killamarsh Infant and Nursery School

Attending the “Festival of the Trees”

St Giles Church 4.00 pm 6th December 2015

Mrs Wormleighton, Isaac Hibbert, Max Stephens, Connie Dawson and Lexi-Rae Nicholas attended the Church Services representing the school.  They read out the story prepared by Ms Daine –


The Legend of the Spiders.

At Christmas time, people told stories of the Christ Child coming again to visit the earth.  A German legend tells us how, one Christmas Eve, the Christ Child came to a farmhouse where all the family lay asleep in bed.


The house was dark, the doors and windows were closed.  Outside in the snow some spiders were crying bitterly.  The Child asked them what was the matter?

The farmer’s wife had cleaned the house for Christmas and turned them all out to live in the barn.


The spiders had seen the Christmas tree brought into the house from the forest, planted in a pot, and placed in the living room.  Now they wanted to see it with shining decorations, lights, sweets and toys hanging from its branches.


The Christ Child opened the door of the house and told the spiders they might go wherever they wished, and see everything they wanted to see.  The spiders scurried in and went straight to the tree.


They scurried up and down and over its laden branches and looked carefully at everything.  


Then they went happily back to the barn.


The tree was covered from top to bottom in grey spiders webs.


But the Christ child touched the tree and blessed it and all the threads turned to gold.


Thank you for listening to our Christmas tree legend.  Please go and see our tree and count our spiders and see how the threads turned to gold. 

Happy Christmas.


The children were excellent representatives of our school and they and their families enjoyed the service.


World Book Day


Outdoor learning

Harvest Festival

Mine day

mine2 mine3

Samaritan’s Purse – Shoebox Appeal 2013

School has put together 27 shoeboxes for the Christmas Appeal. All the items donated from the children and staff were carefully selected and put together by Mrs Wormleighton, Mrs Yorke and Mrs Wood. These have been safely delivered to the Church organizers – Mr and Mrs Lambley and are on their way to make a girl or a boy happy for Christmas. Thank you to all who donated the various items required.

Family Dinner Dining Day November 2013

Balloon Release November 2013

Reception and Year 1 Visit to the Church


Indian Dance



We’re Innocent – BELIEVE US !!

Our Killamarsh local police came to visit the Reception Classes to discuss their role in the Community.  They brought their van and our children got the chance to have a look in the van – we did let them and Mrs Stockdale out when they had finished.

Again the pictures are on our television in the School Office Reception – and a sample is below.


School asked parents and children to donate groceries for our Harvest Festival Activity.  As you can see from the picture, we had a tremendous response and we were able to send all of these to the New Hope Food Bank in Killamarsh.  They were extremely grateful for these donations – these will be put to good use.  Thank you to all those who took part and donated these items.


Our children in School and Morning Nursery were pleased to be involved in the annual visit from Key Strings.  Pictures are on our television in the School Office Reception Area and a sample of these is below.