Killamarsh Infant and Nursery School – Governing Body Information 2015-2016


Current Governors – 14 Governors (HT, 1 x LA, 1 Teaching Rep, 6 Co-opted, 5 Parents) + Clerk


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What do our Governing Body Do?

At Killamarsh Infant and Nursery we are fortunate to have a governing body who take their role in supporting the school and it’s development very seriously.  The governing body do this through:

  • Attending regular committee meetings – either our Full Governor Meetings, the Pupils Committee or the Resources Committee
  • Supporting the school in matters relating to Health & Safety and Fire Risk
  • Understanding and taking seriously all issues linked to the safeguarding of the children in school
  • On going monitoring which includes meeting with staff and pupils, coming in to do Classroom visits, receiving reports from the headteacher regarding the progress of the children in school, keeping up to date with the School Improvement Plan and discussing this with our School Improvement Partner
  • Taking on responsibility for individual School Action points and discussing these with the various responsible members of staff
  • Attending governor training events
  • Understanding and impacting on the School Development Plan
  • Being fully aware of the school budget and management of resources and how use of finances impacts on pupil progress and attainment, with a particular focus on money targeted at specific areas
  • Understanding how well the school is doing in relation to pupil progress, attainment and attendance
  • Holding school leaders to account
  • Taking every opportunity to listen to the views of parents and working together with the school to communicate procedures

The Governing Body make up many different Committees:

Resources Committee – dealing with Finance, Personnel, Health & Safety and Premises

Phil Horton – Chair, Grant Laughton – Vice Chair, Melanie Dei Rossi, Richard Somerset, Amie Jackson, Julia Daine, Patricia Stockdale, David Hattersley

Pupils Committee – deal with all matters do with Pupils, Curriculum, SEN and Safeguarding

Chair – Grant Laughton, Phil Horton, Richard Malcolm, Julie Barton, Amie Jackson, Julia Daine, Patricia Stockdale, David Hattersley

Headteachers Performance Appraisal Committee :

Phil Horton, Grant Laughton and Melanie Dei Rossi

Appeals Committees for both Pupils and Staff are made up :

First Committee chaired by Phil Horton, Second Committee chaired by Grant Laughton.

Remaining members of the Governing Body are co-opted at the time.

Governors’ Monitoring Statement

Governors have an important role to play in the Leadership and Management of our School.  They need to be fully aware of the school’s strengths and development needs and to be able to communicate these to each other and a range of stakeholders, including parents and school advisers/inspectors.  As governors play an important part in the strategic development of the school, a range of monitoring opportunities are required to help them to support the school leaders in decisions relating to finance and school development planning.  A school monitoring programme is in place which relates to governor monitoring for the current year and is drawn up by governors and staff and is linked to the School Development Plan.

Governors will be supported in their monitoring role through :

  • Formal and informal visits to school
  • Involvement in HT appraisal and evaluating teaching appraisal processes
  • Analysis of data including outcomes for specific groups of pupils
  • Visiting school and taking to staff and pupils
  • Visiting and supporting event days
  • Monitoring and approving school policies as required
  • Yearly self evaluation of governing body and its skills
  • Receiving regular reports from Headteacher, including financial, attendance, curriculum, staffing details
  • Being kept up to date with the School Development Plan and the actions requiring progress reports