Y2W Gallery


We learnt about washing our hands and why it is important.


We had the Ruggereds people in to teach us about Rugby. We played lots of different games and really enjoyed ourselves.



We enjoyed dressing up in our Christmas jumpers and our party clothes for our Christmas party.



We have enjoyed Woodland Wednesday this term. We have done lots of different activities including making our spelling words out of sticks, making raft, mobiles, pictures frames and people. We have enjoyed learning about working as a team and the different roles we might need.


On the 17th November we had Spotty Day to raise money for children in need. We brought in pennies to cover Pudsey and our class covered him 5 times. We then counted in 1’s and 2’s to see how much money we had raised.


We had blue day on the 13th November. We all wore blue to show that we want to stop bullying. Throughout the week we thought about what we should do if we saw bullying. We also created some anti-bulling squares that we be joined together to create a patchwork.



Key Strings visited today and taught us all about the instruments in the string family. We found out the different names of the instruments and about the sounds that they make. We also learnt that we can tell a story by the sounds we make such as some super hero theme tunes.


 Thank you to parents for the great attendance of our Reading Morning. The children enjoyed reading stories with you.