Our Project Work

This term we are focusing on the energy used in our school. Click on the ‘WasteBuster’ picture below to watch an interesting video all about energy.


Click here for the ‘Energy Adventure’ quiz to test your friends and family at home.

Litter picking in the school playground on Thursday 19th November 2015.



The eco-committee will go litter picking on Friday afternoons to help keep our playground litter free!

Each class rep spoke to their class about what they had done in their first meeting on the 6th October 2015.


We have made sure our class knows about the eco-code for our school.

We have decided to set up a litter picking club in the school playground.

We chose a ‘light switch monitor’ for each class to help save energy in school. 

The eco-committee looked around school to make sure that the eco-code posters are displayed in our classrooms.


Here we are in Nursery with their poster.


Ellie and Billy know where their poster is displayed. 


Franek found the eco-code poster in his classroom.


Liam spotted the poster on the window in his classroom.


Jorja found the eco-code poster for her class on the cupboard. 


Roman spotted the poster on the cupboard door in his classroom.